The Beginner Blueprint

The beginner Bluprint_3d

From Zero To Hero, Your Road Map To Success, No Matter What Your Goal.

Sandra gives a brief recount of a 111km overnight paddling adventure that she participated in on the beautiful Hawkesbury River situated in NSW, Australia. Sandra had never paddled a day in her life before this challenge. With only twelve months to prepare (including learning how to paddle), absolutely no idea what she was doing coupled with some personal fears to overcome, it was time for Sandra to commit herself to a challenge of a life time.

Fortunately for us, Sandra was able to borrow a touch of confidence from her years of karate experience which not only seen her complete this challenge, but also leave you with a proven path, The Beginner Blueprint that can help you achieve your goals. The very foundations of Sandra’s Beginner Blueprint have repeatedly seen her and her students on the podium at International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Championships many times over for nearly 2 decades and now it is in your very hands.

In The Beginner Blueprint, Sandra introduces a number of everyday people of various ages, all of whom she believes demonstrate qualities required to succeed in our rapidly changing world. Allow yourself to be amazed by these people, celebrate them and know that you too have many great
qualities. By choosing to implement The Beginner Blueprint into your life, you too will achieve your goals in your time and in your way.

sandra1Sandra has deliberately designed this book so that you can read it quickly, capture the essence of The Beginner Blueprint and spend the majority of your valuable time working it into your life. That’s right – work it into ‘your life’. You are of importance and of value whether you believe it yet are or not. Your investment of time and effort working on your life will empower and equip those around you with all that they need to find harmony, peace, happiness, joy and abundance in any environment they may endure in their life time.

The Beginner Blueprint is the first book to be published in the A Way of Living Series.